Our Founder

Inspired by Nature and Guided by Intuition

Our founder’s vision

“My dream was to create a botanical range that was a safe for sensitive, compromised and acneic skins.”

Jacine Greenwood – Founder of Roccoco Botanicals

Roccoco Botanicals believes that skin should be treated gently. That peels damage the skin and are not needed. Roccoco Botanicals think that the majority of professional treatments are too harsh and that there are gentler ways of achieving the same results without stinging, irritation or burning.

Our products focus on calming and soothing irritated skins so that they are less reactive.

Roccoco Botanicals believes that not everything natural is good for your skin. There are natural ingredients that can hinder your skin’s natural ability to heal. Roccoco Botanicals has been the culmination of over 15 years research to bring you the gentlest and safest way to get accelerated results without the risks.

The majority of our products contain 85% or more Botanical ingredients or botanical derived ingredients. We use dosages that do not always create a “white” cream. Our products are famous for being anything from an offwhite to a medium brown in colour. Being of natural origin our products will vary in color from batch to batch.

Advanced formulas with liquid crystals and chirally correct ingredients that give beautiful results fast. Our formulas are designed to mimic the skin lipid bilayers and help to reinforce the skin barrier. Our products replenish the skins delicate liquid crystal matrix to revive, dry and ageing skin.

Our liquid crystals are loaded with a high amount of active ingredients that can be delivered efficiently into the skin. This unique delivery system allows a higher concentration of active ingredients to penetrate the skin, making our system superior to other delivery methods of skincare products.

We have sourced Botanical Extracts from the vast Australian flora and from the most beautiful places on this planet. From the Canadian wilderness to the Swiss Alps, our actives are from all corners of the globe. Whilst we try and source locally there are some plants that will not grow in Australia’s harsh climate. We choose our actives from our selected partners who also align with our philosophy of minimising our carbon footprint and being eco responsible.

Our packaging is unique in that it is fully recyclable. Roccoco Botanicals has a commitment to reducing emissions and our impact on the environment. We do not use bulky packaging that gives the illusion of a larger product.